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Handwritten pamphlet of sermon given by Orceneth Fisher on the value of education to Paine Female Institute students and faculty.

18 p.; 18 cm. Conference publication; Educational convention of Texas, in Houston, 1846; Rev. Chauncey Richardson, President of Rutersville College.


[1 p. of 322]; Diary entry by Henry Matthews records his meeting with Martin Ruter in December of 1837.
Found amongst C. C. Cody's belongings after his trip to Battle Creek, Michigan, this pamphlet offers general lifestyle advice regarding mental health, diet, and exercise. Written and published by J. H. Kellogg, the pamphlet explains nutritional and…

August 15, 1914 [Weekly Bills] [Claude Carr Collection]
Bills or receipts from C.C. Cody's stay at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan that present the types of treatments available, prescribed to C.C. Cody himself, as well as the pricing of these services. The weekly bills were printed…
The Program of the Day contains designated gymnastic hours, the time of morning worship, meal schedules, hours of social gatherings and health and efficacy talks, music by the orchestra, and an Indian club drill and march taking place that day. The…
The diet prescription card has rows of printed food options that fall into several different categories such as soup, vegetables, bread, and beverages. Cody's dietitian ,Florence C. Harvey, checked off items that he/she believed Cody should consume. …

Urine Examination
This urine examination card is an examination of Claude Carr Cody's urine sample including analysis of the various chemical and physical properties of urine. Dr. Mortensen, a doctor at Battle Creek Sanitarium, ordered the urine examination for C.C.…
Lithographic print mounted on tan matte board, depicting a buffalo hunt by the Sioux Indians. 58x43cm
Speech criticizing the Kennedy Administration for perceived failures in economic, military, and foreign policy matters.2 p.Text
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