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39 p. of 113 ; Chapter from F.A. Mood's autobiography written for his children.

[4] p. ; Letter from B.T. Kavanaugh to F.A. Mood regarding the condition of Soule University, part of scrapbook of correspondence arranged by C.C. Cody.

3 p. of 303 ; Section on education from the 1864 Book of Discipline for the Methodist Episcopal Church, which constitutes the laws and doctrines of the Methodist Church.

Commencement address given by F.A. Mood before the Holston Conference Female College at Asheville, North Carolina in 1859, published that year as a pamphlet entitled “A theory on education.” P

Minutes from the report of the Committee on Education to the Bishop and members of the East Texas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

Scrapbook kept by F.A. Mood with materials and clippings of news pertaining to his family, Soule University, and Southwestern University. p. [102-103] of [169]. Volume 2 of 3.

Pamphlet by F.A. Mood regarding the founding of Southwestern University; pages 15-18 torn out, only first 21 pages are digitized.

The Southwestern University Seal in its first official use on page 68 of the Minutes and Reports of the Board of Trustees and Board of Curators of Southwestern University, 1869-1912.

First 11 pages of genealogical family register in the Mood family bible, as recorded by F.A. Mood. [11] p. ; 36 x 30 cm.

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Announcement for Texas University and solicitation for donations from “friends of the Church,” promises engraved portraits of Methodist Bishops in exchange for a monetary donation of one or five dollars.
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